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Embracing Uniqueness

Patience Community Services is a non-profit organization that strives to provide respectful and accessible services to all Victorians and the wider Australian Community. We believe in embracing uniqueness and diversity and providing everyone with equal opportunity. Our organisation consists of members of the community who come together and work side-by-side for the betterment of our community.


Our Partners

How we do it

Patience Community Services (PCS) reinstates hope and empowerment to disadvantaged people within Melbourne. At PCS, we consider the unique stories and needs of everyone, and by treating every person with respect and dignity help them to achieve their potential. Currently, PCS primarily operates in Melbourne’s outer western and northern suburbs, which have a highly diverse population including migrant and asylum seeker communities. There are three values that underpin our approach:

Our Approach

Individualised support – We tailor our services to the unique aspirations, strengths and barriers of each member.

Holistic care – We recognise that a positive mindset is essential to achieving potential, and work hard to build our members’ resilience and sense of self-worth.

Scaffolded support – Working with a network of collaborating partners, we identify at-risk individuals and offer services to support their physical, mental and social wellbeing

Our principles-PCS

Our Principles

Our principle is to promote wellbeing and quality of life of the community, and we want you to achieve all your goals. We aim to help you overcome any adversity or disadvantage and seek a brighter future. We have a range of programs and services that are aimed at providing support such as Employment Support, Health and wellbeing, Migrant Support and Social Support. We help you join community/social groups and assist you to get involved with volunteering

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Please contact us to book an appointment with any of our highly trained and helpful staff members.

Our Mission

Patience Community Services mission is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society through community engagement. By advancing their social needs we help them get back on track, and find happiness again through counselling, job training, housing, and benevolent relief from distress.


Our Vision

To make a difference in the lives of the marginalised, the depressed and the most vulnerable by bringing comfort and smiles in their lives.

Our Values

  • Empowerment
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Diversity
  • Integration
  • Kindness.

PCS:  Where everyone is patiently cared for

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