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1.Employment Support

Employment Support

Employment has the potential of providing one with a personal and social identity as well as becoming a means of accessing several essential and non-essential goods, services, and activities. It provides structure in daily life and helps develop oneself confidence. Our dedicated team works together with businesses and various organisations to match job seekers with employers who need them.

At Patience Community Services, we understand how big a role employment plays on a person’s physical and mental well-living. Bearing this in mind, we provide the following pertinent services:

  • Work-based Skills development
    Patience Community Services provides all job seekers the knowledge and tools they will require to get a job, learn/ update skills and access all the support possible to keep a job. Our services are tailored to fit individual needs and help find meaningful and fulfilling employment.

    At the end of the day, we want everyone to feel a sense of accomplishment and joy at the workplace. We offer ongoing assistance to while people settle into their new roles. We are with you every step as you embark on this journey towards a better future. We will assess your current needs and future goals and connect with further assistance when required.
  • CV, resume and interview tutoring
    Your CV and resume are a critical piece of personal marketing that makes you stand out in the eyes of an employer. It is your first opportunity to impress your potential employers with your skills, qualifications, and experience. At Patience Community Services, we assist you to create a CV and resume that highlights your skills and experience that make you an ideal candidate for a job. Your assigned job coach will help prepare a winning resume that is certain to land an interview.

    Now, facing a job interview is sure to give you shaky knees but have no fear, we are with you every step of the way. We help you approach your interview with confidence. Our experienced staff and volunteers will tutor you to face a job interview. We train you to focus on all the skills you require to conduct interviews and answer effective questions.
2.Food rescue hampers

Food Rescue Hampers

No one can predict when unexpected financial difficulties and challenging circumstances may rise in one’s life. But do not fear if you have been affected by it because we are here to help you. Patience Community services provides food rescue hampers to those in need free of charge. We provide nutritious and nourishing meals, emergency relief packages, community pantries and much more.

We are supported by our dedicated team of staff, volunteers and partner organisations and donors. We provide confidential and non-judgemental support to you and your family.

3.Computer and internet training

Computer & Internet Training

In today’s world and age, computer literacy has become critical for survival. We work with both beginners and people with advanced skills. Our programs are designed to suit everyone’s unique and specific needs. They are flexible enough to suit your preferred time, space, and areas of interest. We can work one-on-one and remotely.

For beginners, being able to use a computer and navigating through the internet may seem daunting at first but we promise that it is a skill that you can learn easily and apply to daily life as well as to your career aspirations. Our main purpose is to build on your skills by creating a learning plan that will lay a strong foundation for all your future endeavours. You will be able to learn basic to advanced online skills. Your style of learning will be incorporate reviewed and adjusted at any point to suit your unique learning style.

4.Health and Well-being Programs

Health and Well-being Programs

Health and Well-being are essential for quality of life and overall happiness. Health and well-being are a complex mixture of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social health factors.

The following services are available as a part of our Health and Well-being program:

Healthy Lifestyle Program
Under our Healthy Lifestyle Program, we offer you with an effective and accessible lifestyle modification pathway that will help you develop a healthy lifestyle and reap its benefits. We provide weekly education and supervised group low-moderate exercise sessions with follow-up health consultations at regular intervals. You also have the option of individual health consultations for personal professional advice.

We provide complete support in the form of workshops and fun classes that will help you make healthy food choices and improve physical activity levels with extra focus on nutrition and psychology.

The following are a few examples of what we focus on:

  • Skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Nutrition education
  • Label reading and recipe modification
  • Goal setting and behaviour modification

Psychological issues of eating

  • Community Garden program

    The main goal of a community garden program is the holistic opportunity for diverse people to interact and work side-by-side towards a common goal. Community Gardening promotes mental and physical health in the community by coming together to grow fresh food, learn new skills and make new friends and connections. This program helps grow fresh food and make them available to the local community and counteracts the increasing costs of fresh produce.

    The whole concept of community garden is the application of organic gardening hence we hold off from using fertilizers and pesticides. We also educate ourselves in organic gardening with topics like soil preparation, pest control, soil preparation, composting etc.
5. Women Empowerment Program

Women’s Empowerment Program

Our Women’s Empowerment Program helps women to realise their full potential by participating in a range of professional classes and activities. We are all about providing opportunities to grow and learning to those who had been denied them previously.

We help provide English literacy classes, training, awareness, and education that fosters creativity and independence. We want women to build confidence and discover their true potential.  We strive to support women, build their leadership skills, and learn about their rights.

Women’s craft of circle
The Women’s Craft of Circle program seeks to bring women together using the joy of shared art of embroidery, sewing and other crafts. This is a great and welcoming opportunity for women to connect over the shared joy of craft and past experiences. It is an occasion for everyone to interact with and connect to people from across the globe and share their culture and experiences.

Our wonderful and friendly circle meets every week and bonds over shared experiences and laughter. This is a wonderful way to create networks and weave oneself into the fabric of South Australian societies. We forge connections through creativity, allowing communication and expression of ideas without the hurdle of language barriers.

6. Community activation programs

Community Activation Programs

Patience Community Services aims to create active places in the community which provides access to opportunities for increased physical activity, social connections and reform. We encourage and support volunteers and promote and develop skill building for communities. We bring people together by providing opportunities for a range of activities including sport, dance, walking, recreation, community volunteerism etc.

The following are some of the benefits of our Community Activation Program:

  • Promoting and developing skill building for community organisations
  • Providing opportunities for innovative learning and capacity building
  • Creation of an active, safe and vibrant community
  • Support volunteerism

Promoting partnerships between community groups

7. Migrant support

Migrant Support

Moving to a new country is a daunting experience for almost anybody and it is especially the case when the culture and background differs from yours. We at Patience Community Services, understand how difficult it is to assimilate into new society and our Migrant Support Program is designed to help you feel right at home here and participate fully in the community.

Our program specialises in resettlement, employment training and English literacy classes. We protect and honour your culture, health and wellbeing and strive to provide you with all the support you need to become a part of the community. Explore our migration services and support programs listed below.

  • English literacy and communication
    English literacy and communication is a key initial step to adjust and organise their lives in the initial period after arrival into Australia. It is an important step that can knock down barriers and create equal opportunities for migrants. At Patience Community Services, we provide basic English language speaking and reading skills, as well as aid with writing and basic numeracy.

Intercultural awareness training
Patience Community services provides you with training that helps individuals, families and communities to overcome all cultural and language barriers and help you establish long lasting and happy relationships. Our highly qualified team will assist you with setting goals specific to your needs and devise a plan to help you achieve them.

We provide culturally specific training to people from across the globe and help them understand the impact of culture on values and behaviour. The following are some of the benefits you can reap from our program:

  • Increased understanding that people belonging to different cultures may have different belief systems and traditions
  • Awareness of how your own culture influences your life
  • Understanding that people may or not have a religious background ad inclination
  • Increased exposure to other cultures results in a positive attitude and tolerance of
  • Awareness that judging other people’s behaviour based on your own background may not be fair

Understanding that due to globalisation, the concept of culture can transform and grow.

8. Counselling and referrals

Counselling & Referrals

Patience Community services offers various social support services like counselling and referrals to the appropriate support services. We provide complete confidentiality and any support you need in terms of therapy, lifestyle changes, advocacy, and medical referrals. Our aim is to provide counselling and group support for the whole family.
The following are some examples of situations where our program and referral services may help:

  • Natural disasters
  • Personal crisis
  • Family and domestic violence
  • Mental health concerns
  • Trauma
  • Homelessness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Unemployment

Substance abuse and addictions

Homelessness support

Homelessness Support

Patience Community Services is not a direct homeless support service so although we can’t support you – we know many organisations that can

There are various services available for people at risk or, or experiencing, homelessness, in all areas of Australia. State, territory, and local Governments as well as many community sector organisations, operate telephone services which are a good first point of information and referral

We at Patience can facilitate this process by linking you up with the right services depending on your specific needs. Homelessness is a big issue in our community, and we are here to work with you and all other stakeholders including the Government to finding a solution to this problem

We can also help you fill out your housing application and connect you with private rental companies if that is also part of your plan

Family violence and awareness education

Family Violence & Awareness Education

Patience Community Services undertakes education sessions to raise awareness for domestic and family violence in the community.  We offer specialised and active support to those families who are affected. We speak to children in schools and in community organisations about healthy and respectful relationships and assist those in need of professional services.  We strive to prevent the occurrence of domestic and family violence by teaching tools for intervention where safety is a priority and management and identification of the needs and issues of victims.  We conduct information sessions and workshops that help develop and disseminate resources about domestic and family violence.

Op Shop & Social enterprise

Op Shop & Social Enterprise

Our Op shop program provides clothing, furniture, household items, toys and much more on a low cost that is donated to our charity programs. All items are donated by the general public and businesses that collaborate with us. Our friendly staff and volunteers encourage you to stop by for a cuppa or a chat anytime you feel like it.
If you are looking for an opportunity to contribute to society, then this is a wonderful program for you to volunteer for. It provides a great opportunity for you to connect with and make new friends. Job seekers are provided with an opportunity to gain some retail experience while you serve the community.

A social enterprise is an innovative brand of business which aims to maximise human and environmental wellbeing. We generate income for a social/ environmental cause.  We want to create a fair and sustainable world. Bearing that goal in mind, we deliver accessible products and services to meet the needs of the community that are not normally met by the current market.

If you would like to be a part of our program, there is great scope for volunteers. You can realize your full potential with us and make a difference in this world. Please contact us for more information about the program.

Patience Community Non-Accredited Community Education_Patience

Patience Community Non-Accredited Community Education

At Patience, we believe that knowledge is power no matter how and where it is acquired and that is the reason why we provide   non-accredited Foundational Skills course to help our newly arrived migrant community as well as the general CALD community to help them improve on their written and spoken English.  The courses are designed to assist participants improve foundation skills in language and digital literacy. The Patience Community Program acts as an entry point for individuals who want to participate in learning but face a variety of barriers such as age, disability, language, cultural, social, health/mental health that make it challenging to engage in vocational training.

This program has a focus on providing essential skills and enhancing confidence for people who are unemployed in a supportive community setting.

At Patience, we rely on volunteers to act as mentors to assist participants one-on-one as well as in small group settings. This strategy provides participants with more opportunity to learn at their own pace and increase their confidence.

WORK PLACEMENTVolunteering Opportunities

Work Placement /Volunteering Opportunities

Patience Community Services cannot exist without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers. Over the years we have hosted over 1000 volunteers who have been a source of our strength and creativity. We have room for all categories of volunteers including

  1. Community members
  2. Institutional volunteers
  3. Corporate Volunteers and
  4. Jobseekers

Our volunteers undertake a variety of roles including IT, Teaching, Administration, Website Development, social media, Food package and distribution, Opshop attendants and others.

We also provide students from all levels of institutions and background for work placement and work experience.

We look forward t hearing from you.

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